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New brakes decision

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Ive had the crappy tektro v-brakes that came on my bike for some months now, and I decides that I want to upgrade them and buy some better brakes. The thing is I don't want to spend a lot and I don't know if I should buy a pair of cheap mechanical disc brakes (such as the Hayes mx) or buy better v-brakes (Avid single digit). Also, I think that my hubs are not disc compatible, so I would have to buy new ones. Are the discs worth the cost?
I ride XC/AM and some light dirt jumps.
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i think disks are worth it if you have the money for something like the BB from avid other wise i have found that the tektro type level of brakes are at best on par with a good vee

my thoughts would be that if you don't have a lot of money look into some avid vee, with kool-stop samon pads but then again i don't know too much about the hayes mechs either
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