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Go for it!

I use the Formula oro puro after having switched brakes way too often lately, as well as tried every trick in the book like sanding pads and discs, bleeding and rebleeding, steel hoses, realigning,... and must say that I am finally happy with the way my bike brakes. And it BRAKES!
In short, easy installation and very easy and clean bleeding, stiff lever feel and most important of all, heaps and heaps of power with still great modulation. They are also pretty light if that's important to you.

To be honest, the oro's are basically the same as the K24's except for some Titanium fasteners and other bling but hey, I'm a bike addict :cool:
In fact, the K18's are the exact same as the K24's except for a free lever adjustment knob I never use (but I did of course have the choice of where to position it at first).

So all in all, I am a very happy customer and think you will be satisfied with any Formula oro brake, depending on the adjustments and bling you need.

Succes with your purchase!

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You betcha!!

The K24's are great right out of the box. No need to replace the pads or sand the rotors than replace them etc. I'm running F180mm and R160mm on five year old Crossmax wheels. One finger braking all day with no squeaking. I've got forearm tendonitis issues and these brakes literally take the pain out of riding!

The installation was easy and my mechanical skills are sub-standard at best! I think the K24 is the rational choice unless you are Loaded ($). The pad contact lever works and you can adjust it while your riding. In practice, once it is set you don't need to touch it.
I've use the brakes with 952 XTR and SRAM XO. They work well with either system.



I have enclosed some quotes from a thread on the Avid Juicy 7's.

You just have to laugh...

" I've been running the Juicys on my Pack for about a year. I've never been really happy with them. I tried the Galfer pads and rotors, which helped the pulsing problem somewhat. I've had other niggling problems that I have not experienced on other brakes I've used."

"The Juicy's are great brakes, but even better if you replace the levers, cables, pads, and rotors. (which I must admit I have done myself)

Now if only some one made a replacement caliper and lever body they would be the ultimate Juicy's. That should be a new goal; instead of the shimano free bike I think we should shoot for SRAM/Avid free Juicy's.

They really are good brakes though."
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