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Hi, I'm looking to fit a chain guide to my 2003 Kona Stinky which had the follow stock components on it (untill I took em off):

BB - TruVativ BB-03-SPL-DH-113-68(E)/73
Crank - TruVativ Hussefelt DH, 22/32 teeth (4 screw fitting)
Bash Guard - Kona kine

I'm now looking to overhaul the bike and replace most of the components with new kit. Things are wearing out after 7 years of use. As part of the upgrade I need to fit a chain tensioning device/guide as mentioned previously. I've been out of the game for a while and things have moved on somewhat and standards have changed, so I am unsure as to what I am supposed.

Basically I'm looking for a quality bottom bracket, crank and chain guide that will fit the bike, but I'm not looking to spend a fortune, £200 max on these components. If I can buy a BB and chainguide that will fit the crank then I'm happy to keep the current crank as I've never had a problem with it and it's in good condition. The thing that confuses me is buying components that will all fit and work together as there are lots of different sizes, standards and fittings to consider. The BB is 113mm but will that allow me to fit a chain guide or will I need a 118mm BB. Can I even fit a 118mm BB to the bike? It's things like this that I am not sure of.

PS and this has just come to me as I type, I might as well replace the rear shock as that is no good for me any more. What would you guys recommend, I'm a heavy rider 18 stone/252lbs?

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