Bontrager finally introduced a missing offering in their excellent tire line-up, an aggressive tire that can handle the All Mountain and aggressive descending demands of the capable new mountain bikes. The all-new SE6 is here with big, supportive knobs to complement the Bontrager tire traits of dialed tubeless solutions, speed, durability, and traction.

Upgrades include re-designed tread patterns for improved traction and rolling speed plus an all-new proprietary TM-Grip rubber compound specifically formulated for exceptional traction and tire feel. All three tubeless-ready tires feature supple 120 TPI construction and a tire bead chafer layer that adds more abrasion and puncture protection.


All-new SE6 Team Issue
Designed for enduro and trail riders who push their rubber to the limit, SE6 boasts Bontrager's most aggressive tread yet. The aggressive two/three center tread with biting side knobs delivers dependable traction and control on all terrain and trail conditions. Same as SE5, it's made with a durable and strong Core Strength casing for additional tire support and sub-tread and sidewall protection.


The SE5 has performed valiantly in luring riders away from their Maxxis Minion habits as Bontraqer tires exhibit great build, durability, and rolling resistance. But as bikes get bigger and conditions get looser through the summer an aggressive Bontrager tire is what we wanted most from the company. And with the rise of emtbs, higher value has been placed on grip and durability above the traditional compromises with weight and rolling resistance.

We will be trying the SE6 tires very soon in a variety of bikes and conditions.

Upgraded XR5 Team Issue
XR5 is made for confidence across a wide variety of terrain. A dual-blocked center tread with aggressive side knobs delivers confident cornering and braking traction, while the supple and strong Inner Strength casing provides lightweight sidewall protection.


Upgraded SE5 Team Issue
SE5 is built with the same aggressive tread pattern as XR5, including the dual-blocked center tread and aggressive side knobs. The difference comes in the durable and strong Core Strength casing that adds additional tire support as well as sub-tread and sidewall protection, making this tire great for riders tackling gnarlier trails.

Available XR5, SE5, and SE6 models
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