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Has anyone heard news about a FS 29er frame/bike coming from BikesDirect? I've been doing some research on full suspension 29er frames on the cheap (<$800), and I've narrowed it down to three: Salsa Big Mama, Voodoo Canzo, KHS Flagstaff. I plan to use the parts from my Cliff 29er Pro and swap them over with a few upgrades. I like the frames listed, but if they plan on introducing a FS 29er to their offering for about the same as the 26" bikes I would definitely consider it. And if they were going to sell frame/shock only, that would be of interest as well.

Anyone else interested or heard news about this?

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I got a message from Mike Yesterday!!! NEXT WEEK!!!!

Originally Posted by makppm
Wondering if there is any update on this? I spoke to one of your reps over a year ago and he thought you were close to putting a TI full suspension 29er into production, thoughts?

Bikes are in production now
Pre-book will go up on site next week

5 models -
pre-book prices $1999 with XTR and XO level [3 bikes]
$1399 with X9 and SLX [2 bikes]

thanks for your interest


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@ $1400 it is about $400 less than a friend of mine picked up a 2010 Trek on sale a few months back. For his extra $400 he gets a free tune-up, free adjustments and better resale. I have to say, I am on the fence on this one.
NegativeFirst year in production
Have to put it together and bring to shop to fine tune,
Resale not as good
BD reputation
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