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new bikes

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when do the 2010 bikes come out im waiting 2 get the new demo 8
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have you seen it? some 2010's are available now, our shop just got some of the 2010 P bikes in, they look sick, i am betting since specialized hasent shown the final design to the public yet for the demo, we may be waiting guess is october at the earliest.
Anyone see any 2010 Stumpy's? I'm interested in the 29 Stumpy FSR.
You're probably going to be waiting till late 09 through mid 2010 for the new stuff. You gotta realize that 2010 product means 2010 and not 2009. They are probably going to release some stuff early, but Specialized is notorious about being pretty tight lipped about all that stuff till it all of a sudden pops up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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