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Help us out here.

The Green bike! said:
im 6'5 , 170 lbs, and i ride trails, jumps, drops , all tahst jazz
Do you have a budget?
Do you prefer a fully or a hardtail?

With the riding you prefer and your size, I would recommend something beefy that can do everything. This is just a quick list in no particular order of importance. The Hardtails are cheaper to build/buy and maintain.

Full suspension is usually more money and I put dollar signs to represent the relative cost with $$$ being big bucks, $$ being fairly pricey, and $ being not too overly expensive in mountainbiking dollars for the fullies and hardtails.

This is relative because I based the dollar rating on frame cost, with some brands having more than one model ie. Giant, Specialized, and Cannondale. It also depends what parts you put on a frame.


Kona Hoss$
Planet X Armadillo$$
Banshee Scirocco$$
Santa Cruz Chameleon$
Cove Stiffee FR$$
Cove Hummer$$

Full Suspension:

Turner 6 pack$$$
Turner 5 spot$$$
Santa Cruz Heckler$
Santa Cruz Bullit$
Specialized Enduro for 05. Expert$$, Pro$$, S works$$$
Azonic Sabre$
Ellsworth Moment$$$
Giant VT$
Giant Reign$
Cannondale Prophet$

not so super...
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It really a great looking and well made bike. This one is a large and weighs in at 6.7lbs.

Head tube welds

Bottom Bracket CNC and shock

Side view:cool:
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