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New Bike......

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I just got a "new" bike that I'll be building as a single speed! I'ts a old Giand Boulder probably a 91' or older it has horizontal dropouts and it's built out of good old 4130 chomo! I know it's old but I'm gonna leave it rigid and Simple! I'll post pics!
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Being able to start with horizontal dropouts is a big plus. Post pics!
Horiz dropouts...

big_slacker said:
Being able to start with horizontal dropouts is a big plus. Post pics!
Yup!! I pulled off the rear dureiller it was wierd it slid into the "slot" of the dropout! and it's totally clean back there! broke the chain and set it to the middle ring in front witch seems to be a 40 or 42t (huge old crappy stamped steel crankset) and changed out the rear axle to a solid one (nutted) measured the chain to one of the center cogs (I think its 18 tooth) with the axle @ the center of the dropouts and poped off about 7 links put it togeather and tensioned it. IT WORKED!!! I have a single speed!!

I have a bunch of spare parts to play with this is my parts list:
Truvative isoflow crank W/26t center ringand bbg bash
14t rear sprocket
old XTR vbrakes
Avid sd1 levers
easton havoc bar
thats it for now........wish it was an 1 1/8" steerer.
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