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Right now I have a 2005 P.2 and lately I have been getting more and more into DHing. I noticed my back starting to hurt after doing some pretty tough dh trails on my P.2. So yeah I'm thinking about biting the bullet and picking up a fully. Something good and not too heavy that I could also use for some minor xc too. I probably can't spend more than ~1500 so maybe my best bet is to get something used. Any ideas? Yes, I am a Specialized whore so anything from them would be nice. :D
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Sounds like you would like an SXT maybe. Plenty strong enough for your DH and freeride endeavors yet you can still pedal it around on the odd xc trail if you choose to.
I picked up my Trek Session 7 for $1600 about a year and a half ago. You could probably find somthing like this for less now. Check your LBS for last years modles on closeout. They will be wanting to get rid of them, usually for cheap.
i know you can nab a remedy 6 for around 1700 now that the 08 models are slotted to come out.
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