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Hey All....

My first post here, although I've read 100's of other posts over the last few years.

Like so many others, I fell in love with the sport years ago, and then I fell out of it. Just recently, I wanted to pick it up again, but the 1997 Cannondale F900 I bought 10 years ago is outdated. So, I went to a few of my local bike shops and tried out a few bikes...namely, the Specialized Rockhopper, Cannondale F5, Jamis Dakar Sport, etc....

While some of the bikes I tested performed better than others, they were all more or less in the same class....$600-$800 range. I was really impressed with the Jamis.

I was checking around online and I came across a 2005 Jamis Dakar Sport on For $462, I figured I couldn't go wrong. (If for some reason I don't fall in love with the sport again, I'm not out $1k and my wife stays happy.)

Just wondering what everyone thought of the Dakar Sport? Any owners? Any reviews?
It comes with v brakes, but for $140 or so, I can swap out to a pair of Avid BB7s.

I rode my 1997 Cannondale F900 to death....I love that bike...fits like a glove. I'm seriously considering rebuilding it over the coming winter months, but I don't know where to begin. Perhaps that will be my 2nd post.

Thanks all.....looking forward to your insightful information.
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