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Welcome to the forums

And welcome back into the sport! I won't bother to give you my answer, as it looks like you've already found the source of my joy! Best bang for the buck going, IMO.

Keep us posted on what you decide to get.


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I think you can do better

I started out looking for a good deal on a Specialized.
Some people reccommended an Iron Horse
Some said look at Ibex

I email the sellers about quality and where they were made

I found out Iron Horse bikes under $2000 are from China - over from Taiwan

Cheap Ibex are from China and have short travel forks; which if you change it voids the warranty

So I emailed Trek, Giant, Specialized and Motobecane.

Here is what I got back - after editing out their sales pitch stuff

Trek: 4300 [$494], 6000 [$659}, and 6500 [$929] are all from China. Over $1000 most Treks from Taiwan.

Giant: Yukon [$470] from China
Rainer [$700] from Taiwan

Motobecane: All models from Taiwan.

Now that it is warmed up - I am going to the big town south of me {Houston] and take a look at all these bikes and their frame work. After over 10 years as a welder I think I can spot good workmanship.

But until I see different; I think a bike from China - weather from a dealer, internet, or WalMart will not be my best bet for top quality.


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Well, what I'm wondering is why deepetexas assumes all China bikes are bad?

IMO, the 6500 is a nice bike. I know deeptexas wants "top quality" but this guy is in a $400 budget.

Additionally, it really doesn't matter where your bike is made as long as it's made well. Of course, more low-end bikes come from China but that doesn't mean all China bikes are on the lower-end side.

Deepetexas can you back up your statements w/ sources or is did you just call them up?
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