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new bike????

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what do you all think of this??
worth 3000?


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nice bike but needs a paint job badly, ack!!!
Needs a lighter rear wheel.

It looks nice though!!
The R9 is one of the sickest bikes on the planet. The build there is a perfect DH/FR kit (emphasis on FR, a tad heavy for the super racer, but I'd take it to any race there is. Avy & 888, yum!). Maybe the cranks could be replaced (when they die) with Saints, but other than that, it doesn't get much better. I like the pink, you don't see too many of those.
Techfreak said:
I like the pink, you don't see too many of those.
ever think there might be a reason for that??? ;)
looks pretty sick. as long as it isn't beat up anywhere(which it appears not to be) then i say go for it. maybe try to talk them down a bit.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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