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Now that I've had it a few weeks, and have ridden it enough to know, it's time to share. I'll keep this short (really short version: it's fantastic!). I had a custom bike built, here's why:

Back story: I travel a lot for work and play, get to go a lot of places that have great riding, or would be fun to explore on a bike, take a bike tour, or have some kind of riding vacation. So I wanted a bike I could take with, without dealing with large cases, hassles, bike/bag fees, and having to rent a bigger car.

Goal: the ultimate adventure bike.

1. I wanted a frame that could be broken down easily and fit into a smaller case.

2. I wanted a bike that could go anywhere and do anything, but was first and foremost a great mountain bike.

3. I wanted a bike that I could use in multiple configurations: rigid, squishy fork, geared, singlespeed.

4. I wanted something I could tour with, on and off-road, with racks that would be quick release and sturdy when loaded.

5. I wanted something solid and rugged: Titanium and overbuilt.

6. I needed it quick, lots of upcoming travel.

Called Wade @ Vulture Cycles, who about 3 years ago built me a steel SS that I love. He got excited about the idea and we started bouncing it back and forth. This is what we came up with:

-Titanium, nice and fat tubes.
-Breaks down at the chainstays and seatstays using a design he'd built before with good results. (chainstays come together and bolt to the BB, seatstays come together and bolt to the ST)
-Steel suspension corrected fork, built around a Reba @ 100mm sagged.
-2 bottle cages on fork, 3 on frame.
-Custom racks and mounts, with pull-pin quick release mounting. Built for Ortlieb panniers, with the largest gauge tubing that they'd fit.
-Paragon sliders for versatility

The bike is amazing. I was worried that it was going to be the jack of all trades, master of none... but it rides perfectly in every config. It's very solid with racks and panniers, to the point that it will still be a very fun ride fully loaded. With the quick release Ortliebs, and the quick release racks, I can go from Touring to Mountain Biking configs in less than a minute. Couldn't be happier with any aspect of working with Wade, or the results.

3 wheelsets transform the bike:
1. king/arch/racing ralph - XC
2. king/flow/rampage/resolution - AM
3. xtr/arch/vulpines - urban/touring/go anywhere - centerlock rotors make it easier to assemble when traveling.

Next up:
Custom travel case from Mark @ PikaPackworks
2 week loaded bike tour in Costa Rica (leaving late Jan 2010)
Ultralight bag setup (bar, seat, frame, etc) for the spring/summer

On to the pics:


Mountain bike config

Rigid, Urban, Mtn, Go-anywhere config

Racked 'n Ready


Rigid in Sedona

Front triangle

Rear triangle

Front rack

Rear rack

Paragon Sliders

Having a blast on it!

Dinner for wolves
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So fresh, it's like the 29er board got hit with the Summer's Eve. Great concept made reality. That rear rack is totally over the top. Is it also Ti? I must say, the bike isn't winning any beauty contests, but it looks indigenous to business. Well done sir.

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buddhak said:
So fresh, it's like the 29er board got hit with the Summer's Eve.
Who you calling a douche? :D

Great concept made reality. That rear rack is totally over the top. Is it also Ti? I must say, the bike isn't winning any beauty contests, but it looks indigenous to business. Well done sir.
Thanks. It wasn't built for weight or beauty contests. It was purpose-built for function and to ride well, which it does in spades, and therein lies it's beauty to me. (The blue bits are coming off, as they are too flashy, but what I had around for the build.)

Racks are steel, thought about Ti, but the price for materials wasn't worth it, and it's going to get loaded down anyway, so what's a few grams?

What's the weight in suspended MTB form?
Like I said, wasn't built for weight, but came in under 25 lbs in MTB config, totally respectable for what it is.

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Very swee-ti and great concept bike, Burner! I like the Luv-ti bar as well;)
Let me know some details (HA/SA, Fork rake, CS and BB height) if possible.

Yeah, Wade the Vulture is the MAN!


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Very cool. Looks like you thought of everything with the design to build the ultimate swiss army knife of a bike. I have brought my bike with me on a few trips and the shipping cost was steep. I can see how S&S couplers or the method Wade used could pay for themselves quickly.

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That's a great concept and I wish I had the $ for one... I just put racks on my Monocog Flight and did some touring around Silver City, NM last week... the 29er is THE best platform for a do-it-all travel bike.

I'd like to see some close-up pics of the joints/couplers.

Again, beautifully done!


Witty McWitterson
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This bike has WIN written all over it. I was watching Wade build it via flickr and was impressed with the concept from the git go.

Well done sir, I applaud you on the bike of the year.
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