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After owning the bike about a month, the upgraditis has struck.

Nothing crazy from stock yet, but some really fun parts.

I've added a few new bits like

Chris King hubs laced up to Sycros DS28 Rims
THE Flight System Stem / Bar combo (Holy crap I love this)
Thomson Masterpiece Post
Fizik Gobi Saddle (waiting for ups for post and saddle!)
Running the wheels tubeless, much better, have a new rear Conti Mountain King Protection on order, should be in tomorrow.
XTR Clipless pedals
XO Rear Deraillure
XO Shifters
Nokon Cable Housing
Chris King Headset (just waiting for my press to make its way back to me, from letting a pal borrow it)

Next on the list will be a set of Formula Oro Puros (I've been dreaming about these brakes forever! now just have to wait for the paycheck fairy to come!)

The bike went from 27lbs to 25lbs, even though that was not a real goal but a nice benefit. Ride quality has improved greatly. I am very impressed overall with the ride of the fuel.

Uphills - No problem here, if you sit and spin you'll get up the hills, or if you are less subtle (like me!) you can stand and mash up the hills just fine, no real bobbing to speak of.

Downhill - Really point and shoot is how I can best describe the bike. Really just goes where you point it with no drama, its pretty neat that way!

Jumping/Drops - Really havent taken it to the air as of yet, a few drops at Hammy during a preride at the Fat Tire Fest, seemed to be well behaved, landings were a non issue. Now only if the rider could take the air I'm sure the bike would handle it no problem!

Braking - Juicy 5's are surprisingly good, good stopping power, decent modulation. Stops when you need to. I was really interested to see how the ABP system actually worked for myself. I have to say I'm impressed. Over stutter bumps, trail chatter, and everything else the bike stays in control through out braking, no lock up at all. That is a improvement indeed.

Overall - I'd have to say that this is the best bike I have owned to date. There has been quite a few! Most of my friends are all on 29'ers now and really want me to get on one again. Refering to the "kiddy wheels" and what not, but really I think that the Fuel is just for me.

On to some pics!

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