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new bike...opinions?

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here is what i am looking at for a new bike.(little history, old bike was a giant reign 2, which i did some work on, but do to a freak powerline accident, cox communications is totaling my bike, and giving me a check for a new one...upgrade time) looking at:
a marin quake 7.8:)
a trek scratch 7
specialized sx trail 1:)
giant faith 1
09' norco shore 3
or the 10' norco shore 3

any opinions, differient options? looking between $2000-3000.
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Before we will answer any of your questions we wanna know what a "freak powerline accident" consists of.......
so here's the story. full truth. even have the police report if you want to argue it... friday before break i traded cars with my youth leader brett. i needed a truck, and he needed to take his daughter to the doctors. so me, an avid cyclist leaves his bike ontop of his car sometimes...little did i know that when brett would drive down the same road that i had driven 3 times allready(in the past hour or so) it would get caught on a powerline, and riped from the top of the car.. racks and all. all to the side of the road.

check out the pictures:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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