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New bike on a budget.

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I'm looking for an entry level bike, this will be my first bike in years.I'm going to be using it on and off road and trying out some good mtb trails. My max budget is £500. I have 2 bikes in mind so far. Any advice please.
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The Voodoo looks like it's got a little better spec.

Did you ride both bikes? What did you think? Fit is really important - you want a bike that feels right. If this is your first bike as an adult, it can be a little hard to tell what that is, so riding a lot of bikes is helpful.
If you are going to go for the voodoo go for this one. It has a 120mm fork and contrary to what others say the fork is pretty good or the best at this price. I have the tektro brakes on one of my bikes and other than the pads going bad fast I have had no problems for over 2 years now.
For sure I would go with this one the only thing is you will need to get a air pimp for the fork but I am sure if you talk to them you could get a deal.
Thanks for the replys.

I tried the spesh for size but never got to ride it. I will go and look at the voodoos this weekend , i'm not sure about the colour on the red hoodoo model . The 29er looks ok what do you guys think of 29ers.
Lots of good options there, the last option looks to me like the bike with the best components but i'm not sure. Anyway i'm going to have to postpone the purchase for the next month or two due to buying a house, and those bikes will probably be sold. Thanks for the help guys, I will be back again in a few months.
Yeah feel free to be patient, and especially ride some in local shops before you buy online. But that link from gradeafailure.... I don't think you'll see a better package than that on a £500 bike.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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