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Hi I'm an older rider 5' 5" 89kg (yeah sort of big and not very fit) and I mostly use my bike to commute but occaisonally I go off road - single track, fire trails, adventure racing. I have a Gary Fisher Wahoo which I love the feel of and it's light but everything keeps breaking! I would like a new hardtail XC bike which is light (for carrying up staircases!) durable, and not too expensive - around $1000 Aus ( approx $900 US) - anyone got any recommendations? oh and I do like a good looking bike as well! (although thats not a priority) - and its got to feel zippy - I love my wahoo because it feels zippy - I feel like a racer when I ride it even though I'm an overweight middle aged woman!

would love some suggestions...nothing too obscure as I may not be able to get it in Australia...
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