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I’m looking at a new ride. Currently I have a 2018 GG Trail Pistola (AU frame) setup that I’ve made a few tweaks to. The rear at 130mm with a older Push 11-6 (more on this later). Front is at 150mm with an MRP Ribbon Air. Overall I like the bike, but I would like some component upgrades and hence here I am.

I’m normally a size large. I’m 6-2 with a 34in inseam. I have a slightly shorter mid-section and find a reach around 470mm-475mm feels best. The reach is normally how I pick a bike size. I ride in the Front Range around Denver, CO. I also ride a lot around Crested Butte and Fruita, CO. Denver riding a 130/140mm bike is perfect, however in CB 150/160mm is the sweet spot. I ride techie climbs, chunk, fast/flow and may leave the ground but only slightly. I don’t do bike parks or lift access. My average ride is 10-15+ miles and 1500-2500+ ft of vertical. The best way I can describe the bike I want is something towards enduro, but and enduro bike that will never see a chairlift.

The current top to bikes on my list are the Canyon Specoral 8 (will cover that later) and the Propain Tyee Highend. Both bikes are in my price range. I also like the WeAreOne Arrival, but the price tag for the components I like is not something I’m comfortable spending.

I’m familiar with Canyon. My girlfriend has a road bike from them and is going to get a Grizzle gravel when they have stock. She’s also used the crash replacement on her current road bike. Overall a good experience.

I’m looking at the Spectral 8 because of the XT breaks and party the drivetrain. Overall this is a great bike for the price. I LOVE XT breaks. I like the XT drivetrain, however could see myself swapping AXS or even an xD free hub w/E*13. The Fox 36 Performance Elite Grip2 fits my needs. I would add an MRP Ramp Control for about $110, but I would do that to any bike I buy. Where the build falls flat is the rear shock. I‘m a feather weight. I weight 150lbs (68kg) with my full kit. I’ve given up on trying to setup a DPX2, or similar, shock. It is to harsh, but climbs well or is soft and climbs like poo. Hence the Push on my current ride. I would swap the Spectral’s stock DPX2 for an X2 right from the start. This the total Spectral price around 6k USD. Spectral 29 CF 8

The Propain Tyee Highend build comes with Fox 36 and X2 both Factory, X01 drivetrain, Magura MT7 breaks. The frame travel is longer 160mm rear and 170mm front. There isn’t really anything I would change on the build other than adding an MRP Ramp Control. The cost is 7k USD or $7100 with Ramp Control. Tyee CF • Propain Bikes

Both bikes are billed as an ‘all-arounder-er’ in some fashion. Both bikes lean towards the decent over the climb, but claim to climb very well. I found the Tyee’s anti-squat numbers at 115-120%. That should give the Tyee a good climbing platform for the size. I didn’t find anything for the Spectral. I’ve emailed both companies and both have good pre-sales here in the US. Depending who you talk to Canyon‘s post-sales is mixed, but I don’t hold high hopes for any company these days.

Has anyone ridden both or either bikes and can provide their thoughts?

Anyone have post-sale experience with Propain?
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