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New Bike for X-mas: Stumpy Comp FSR

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I've been riding nothing off-road but my Rockhopper Expert Single Speed 29er and I thought I'd try a full suspension 26" geared bike. My LBS had this Stumpy Comp FSR on clearance for $1900 OTD. I took it on it's maiden voyage this morning. (12-24-09)

The 26" wheels are more nimble and makes the bike feel more tossable through fast tight switchbacks. The single speed and 29" wheels feel easier to pedal and to keep momentum going so my legs don't tire as easily as they did today with the FS geared 26er. I love both bikes in their own respect :thumbsup: and will have to keep them both forever and ever.


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The Rockhopper 29er closer up


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Nice to add another arrow to the quiver, nice bikes!
Nice X-Mas present, the FSR is a proven chassis. I've got the same exact bike. The only thing that bugged me about the bike was the gold colored headset that didn't match the bike. That was remedied quickly.
Stumpies RULE

Nice new rig there HB! I know almost exactly how you feel... View attachment 508657

Nice Christmas score!

What "part of the mountain" will you be using the Stumpy for? :)

hint: look at the title of this particular forum
Solid. Good work.
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