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I bought a 2008 F2 Lefty, X9 Rear D, LX Front D, X7 Shifters, Carbon HBs, Tubeless Maxxis Tires. SUPER Clean for $1250.

The frame was damaged during FedEx transport. I got a $1000 claim check.

I found a Brand New 2007 Rush 3 frame with Fox Float RPL on-line for $530 (including shipping). I had the LBS switch components to the Rush frame for $250. I had to buy a new Front D (XTR) for $125.

So, in total, I am in to this bike for about $1200. It's like a brand new bike. I am so stoked. I got it built up last week, and the trails are so wet I can't get out and ride it.

Before and After Pics. . . .


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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