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New bike for $2K?

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Hey. Nice forum. i'm hoping to get some advice on my new purchase.

1) Your budget.
i wanted to keep it between $1K and $2K...looks like it's gotta be close to $2K or perhaps slightly over.

2) What bikes, if any, are you already considering?
Online research immediately recommends the Trek Fuel Ex 8 so i was looking at that...unfortunately it's near $2500 near me. Also considering the Scott Spark 50 and Cannondale RZ On Twenty 4.

3) What type of riding do you intend to do?
I have a small trail in my back yard... i'm building up some technical obstacles and small jumps. it's pretty tight since the area is not too large. need a nible setup. i will also hit some local trails with moderate terrain and some simple dirt trails..

4) Do you have a preference over a hardtail or full suspension?
I've had a hardtail trek for 11 years... looking for a full suspension setup, remote lockout would be cool

5) Age, weight and height.
34, 6"3', 180lbs

6) What sources will you consider buying from?
local shop

7) Do you want people to offer you alternative suggestions to issues such as budget, bikes already considered, and sources?
yes please

the trek looks so mean. i want it, but its is more than i want to spend. that active breaking pivot technology sounds nice. going down from the 8 to the 7 or 6 doesn't even save that much money, which is a bummer. what is the best value-for-money version of the Fuel Ex line? is that ABP that significnat?

i had never heard of Scott (which doesn't mean anything since i haven't bought a bike in 11 years) but i liked the look of one of their high end models in the shop and the Spark 50 seems a good deal (under $2k) and has remote shock lockout which seems like a nice option.

i didn't look at the cannondale except in the booklet but it was recommended by the guy at the shop and i know cannondale is reputable. unfortunately, it's not much cheaper than the Trek

i'd appreciate some suggestions / comparisons between these setups and others around the $2k mark

thanks guys,
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