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New bike, empty trail and sunny day =

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Fantasticness!:D First time out on the new Swift, first time rigid, first time hub geared... Pleasantly surprised, nowhere near as beat up as I thought I'd feel afterwards, bike climbed well, rode well and felt great in the turns. Not much else to say really, enjoy the pics...:) Trail is the Marin in North Wales.

No real need for a half link, just thought it a bit er, blingy!:D

And my fave from today...:D
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Nice, interesting bike Ratty. And, of course, nice pics too.
Sweet lookin ride. What are you running for a rear hub?
Thanks for the kind words, rear hub is an Alfine unit. Gearing is up from the normal cassette and 3 rings up front I used to have... But, that a good thing as I can work on my legs harder without suffering like I would on a SS bike. Now that I have finalised the handlebar position, the cables and hoses have been cut down, used banjo fittings for the hoses as it looks neater IMO that way- certainly with the faux Jones bars it works better....
Singular make lovely bikes. There's an SS Peregrine pictured on their site, with racing ralphs on it, I love that bike.
Nice pics!!

Is that a 29'er? Looks sweet!
It is latest version of bike and I am sure fans should get impress with it.
Yep, the bike is a 29er. Thanks for the kind words!:thumbsup:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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