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2014 niner rip9 xt build
It's a clicking noise under strong pedal force.
It occurs in or out of saddle.
I don't think it's the crown I did the wheel between legs and torque the bars test.
Things I have tried:
Greased axles
Greased/tightened pedals
Greased tightened chain ring bolts.
Snugged pivot bolts

Still on list to do:
Could it be a spoke?
Bottom bracket? (Mine is the xt threaded type)

Any other ideas?

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Earbuds with music. Every bike I've owned has clicks and creaks. Some culprits have been the fork crown to stanchions interface, seat post in the seat tube, headset, pedals, worn bb. Unless something is keeping the bike from being rideable or is a safety issue, I ignore it.
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