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New bike build

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06 Steelhead version 2.0

Marzocchi Z150 DropOff
Azonic Launch FR 50mm stem
Specialized Demo Bars
Outlaw wheelset
Azonic Seatpost & Hotseat
Hozfeller Cranks (32/22, hopefully will find a chainguide soon)
LX Shifter/rear mech
Hayes HFX-9


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Damn, a Steelhead with logo and all that looks sexy
whats up with the steerer tube? other than that its sexy
nice bike congrats
Nice. I like th 8" rear and 6" front. Ditch the front rotor.
It's either ditch the front rotor or swap the rotors front to rear. 6" is still on there because I was running a front brake with the previous fork (which was not a 20mm through axle fork)
very nice
I thought it might appeal to your appreciation of Azonic and Marzocchi products SMT.
yeh either swap the rotors and loose the front. more stopping power in the rear end = more skidding = less control + trail damage.
maybe hes using it for dirt jumping/slalom. I've done that before (8" on the back) for that reason.
that is a nice bike i was about to get 1 of those but got a kona instead
lookin super some others have said about the rotor
8" rotor is in the rear currently because I'm trying to learn how to pedal kick and I wanted as much locked up power as possible. The pads took a while to brake in so I was slipping on setup hops and the last thing I wanted to do was go to a smaller rotor. Now that the pads grab pretty well I'll probably try it.
Hey, how do you like your Ruffian MX's? I'm probably going to get the Ruffians, but how do those feel? Are they too rough and sharp?
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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