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Since the beginning I had some trouble with the pivot that attached the VPP with the end of RP3.
First the torque wasn’t 60 in lbs like Santacruz told, now they change to 95 in lbs, I think 100 in lbs is better, the bush and reducers became trashed really quickly, some time they creek, the only creek that I have on my bike, some time with clank sound. Usually I had to dissemble that pivot and clean the bush/reducers and check bolt torque.
Today I change to BETD Strong bushes (Strong bushes: Hula Hoop nylon bush and a stainless steel reducer). Initially the reducer don’t fit snug in the bush, but when I install the bush on Fox RP3, then it was a tight fit. There are a pair of rubbers to prevent water and mud infiltration, and I think the reducer are better, because is a single stainless steel tube more rigid than two pieces aluminium Fox reducers.
Here are some pictures


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