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New Bar for a EPIC

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I have a Epic FSR 2006 and i'm looking for a more confortable position to ride. Change the flat bar to a rise bar like de or the specialized , will help?
There is rise bar and the low rise bar, is a big difference between bought? Any suggestions?
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I have gone away from and come back to the Specialized carbon low rise...its a great bar. The sweep is not as radical as the easton, the weight and price are great. The Ritchey is a good looking bar, but considering how stout yet light the speci bar is...not to mention how easy it will be to find( ) it is a great choice.
I run the Easton Monkeylite CNT and it is a great bar... Looks fab as well. :thumbsup:
I have used both the Easton carbon lo-rise and the tru vativ low rise carbon. Both awesome bars!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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