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I just received my new 29'er. A Lenz Sport Behemoth. I may not have a lot of posts on this board, but the amount of time I have spent here over the last 3 months is simply amazing. Thank you to all for your help and info! I feel I made a great decision and made it in confidence from what I have learned here.

It was a tight race between the Ventana El Cap and the 'Moth. I did a demo with the El Cap for a week and was able to take the 'Moth for a quickie at the 24 Hrs of Moab. In the end, I think they are both great choices, but the 'Moth won out.

Only bad thing...lots of snow on the ground here. I'll be hitting Moab or Vernal after the first of the year when we finally get a few warm days.

Again, the main reason for this post is to say thanks for all the help!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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