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New 2007 ETSX-70 build

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New 2006 ETSX-70 build

Hi Everyone,

Just received a 2006 warranty frame to replace my broken 2003 RM ETSX-70 (pictures to follow). Excellent warranty from RM. Thank you very much! The hydraulic hose mounts on the top tube are configured differently on this frame. My old frame used plastic "c" clips. The new one has long over-sized tube holders without any c clip mounts. It looks like something is missing to hold the brake tube. Any ideas here?

Thanks Norm
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Thank you for answering my question

Thanks for posting the images. Ok, two trips to LBS and 1/2 hour searching the internet netted zero hits of these hydraulic guide clips. Does anyone know where I can order these critters?
Thanks Norm
Hi Norm,

I too recently had a 2006 warranty ETSX 70 frame after my 03 failed - and it came with all the hose clips and bits etc. in a bag inside the box.

I reckon if you ask RM nicely - and tell em they are missing, they'll sort some out for you.

Enjoy the ride - noticably better than the earlier ETSX's IMHO.

Thanks for the reply. My LSB thinks they can order a couple for me. If
that doesnt work, I'll try RM. Yes, wow what a major design change between
the 03 and 06! I love the ovalized top tube and the stouter construction.
The 5" rear shock should be a better match for my 120 mm Marathon bomber
front shock. The previous bike was a little disappointing on steep hill
climbs. The front end was hard to keep down on the ground. I'm hoping the
new geometry solves this problem. Other than that, I loved cross-country
riding that machine. Glad RM has a good warranty and it appears the '03
design had a serious flaw. I bet the guy doing the finite analysis modeling
at the time is now piloting a broom on the factory floor. A costly error.

Enjoy your new bike! Norm
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