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New 2 XP-G Laura Build

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I picked up a housing off the MTBR classifieds that someone had purchased from the " DIY done cheap" thread......

Was barely able to cram a b2Flex in there with 2 XP-G R5 using Laura RS optics.

I used this connector from DigiKey

and this panel mount for the connector

XP-G's I picked up from Cutter

b2Flex I got from George.

Laura Optics from Newark

Switch I picked up from ebay

Used 20 ga silicone hookup wire to wire everything together inside, besides the switch which I used some random wire I pulled from a computer. Small ga, like 26.

Mounting bracket from Cateye. H-31 bracket and used the mount from an H-24 as it's base is wider, and more stable IMO.

I drilled, tapped and countersunk 2 m3 holes to hold the L bracket.
Drilled and tapped an m4 for the mount, also into the L bracket, through the housing.

Used arctic silver 5 between the bracket and housing.

I mounted the stars with arctic alumina as I was very tight on space and didn't want to modify the Lauras anymore than I had to already....more on that later.

The b2Flex is mounted directly behind the stars on the L bracket, at an angle. I had to remove a good sized chunk of the bottom of the L bracket to fit the driver in there.
This housing was not made to fit a b2Flex, and it was the hardest part of the build.
I will take some pics next time I have it apart.

Had to modify the base of the Laura housing to make some room for the wires. That 20ga silicone stuff is way too big for a build like this.
So what I did was heat up an old electronics screwdriver I had laying around with a micro torch, and used it as an iron to melt grooves into the laura mount for the wires to trace through, and the blobs of solder.
Twas an easy mod and only took a few minutes.
I was really trying as hard as I could to not use a file or anything else that would create dust inside of the optics, so the melting option worked out really good.

Unlike my last build, the only thing glued together are the stars to the bracket.

I haven't taken measurements of the housing yet, but it is pretty small, and was very challenging to get everything to fit inside.

Beamshots to come later............


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Savagemann. That's a cool looking light. Thanks for taking the time to list your suppliers. :thumbsup:
Nice build! Thanks for including links to all the parts used, helps newbies like me!
nice job savagemann, looks very tidy.

I just found out the other day that Cateye do a helmet mount that's compatible with the spacers they use on their handlebar mounts (that I'm a big fan of too!). See [URL="']here[/URL], bottom of the page, part no. 534-1831. Looks pretty interesting so I've ordered one from my LBS. I'll let you know how it works out!
Looks sweet Savagemann! Have you used that battery connecter plug before? It looks pretty tidy . I had a similar looking plug on an old light and it would wiggle lose. If this stays tight I will steal this idea! Also, what gauge or type of wire are you using between your lipo and said plug?
Thanx guys.
Matt, I've been looking at the cateye helmet mounts, and was having a hard time deciding which one to go with.
Definitely let me know how you like it when you get it in your hands.
I pretty much built this as a helmet light, but only had the bar mount on hand for the time being.

Dr.Mushy , I haven't used the connector before this light build. But it has a lock that holds the end on, and seems pretty solid.
I will post back after I have some time on it.
The wire I used is 2 conductor 22 gauge. It's a really short run, otherwise I would have maybe used 20ga. The 22 should be fine though.

On a side note, I picked up a protection board for the LiPo, and will solder it on tomorrow.

Will also take some beamshots to compare this build along with my 2x regina and a MS900 for giggles.
Toaster79 said:
Really nice build! :thumbsup:
+1 on that. Very tidy. I must try the Cateye mounts sometime, looks a neat and compact fitting especially with a helmet version.
The Cateye mounts look really pro.
Thanks for the links on the connectors. They are now bookmarked. If I ever change over from the Tamiya connectors, your are the ones I am going to use.:thumbsup:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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