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New 08 expert, (bugs out)

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Ive got 75 miles on my new enduro, 22 off road and its seems ive got some bugs to work out. This was my second weekend up in the hills and two things bother the hell out of me about this bike. 1 the frame is creeking agian, the bike greased pivots the first time and it stopped for a few rides. And 2, certain easier gears pop or crunch when shifting on the climbs. Having said that, I love this bike. It climbs well when im not shifting and it bombs ass on the downs. I will slowly upgrade this thing into my very own flagship. 5050xx are coming this week.
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get a new cassette and that will help alot with the least mine did when I put on my sram 990 and check your bottom bracket for the creaking. I noticed when I was washing my bike that a little bit of water here and there was getting down my seat tube and ending up at my bottom bracket since it has nowhere else to go. the creaking can then come from sand/dirt mixing with that water at the BB creating a creaking sound....might not be the reason, but just a thought
Check your QR for the squeak, I've had squeaks twice and both times the QR was not tight enough (embarrassing that I changed my BB to correct the squeak before I found the loose QR)

another thing to check is the pivot bolts themselves....make sure they are at the propper torque....My bike was creaking everytime i pedaled....I looked everywhere and checked the usual culprits and it still wouldnt go away.....make sure you check your seat post...check where your seat clamps to the seatpost....of coarse the bottom can even come from the headset if you have everything too tight...check the internals of your pedals also...might need to be shimano 545's creak like a son of a gun when they are dry
P.S. Specialized are notorius for creaking....I have an 07 stumpy too and that thing would never shut up
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