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I am looking at getting two Epics for my wife and I. I used to have an 04 Epic Marathon Disc which I loved, sold it a year ago and now am looking to get another one.
I really loved the F100X fork that comes on the 04 and 05 Marathons so I have been looking for one of those bikes. But now with the new updates to the 06 and 07 models with the M5 alloy and 100mm Brain I am trying to decide what to do and still keep my costs down. Basically I want to get the most for my money.

My first choice but the most expensive would be to just buy an 07 Marathon frame, new 07 F100X fork and build up that bike how I want.

2nd choice, I found a good deal on a new 04 Marathon Disk with the F100X, so I could buy that and get my wife a new but cheaper model 06 Epic and if possible I can just swap the Brain shocks so that my bike has the new shock.

If you guys have any suggestions or if you don't think it is even worth the trouble let me know. FYI I loved everything about my 04 Marathon Disc when I had it, the only upgrades I put were a Carbon fiber riser bar and a Chris King headset.
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