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Never posted in this forum before....

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Wel l just bought, well traded for an 06 Jamis Dakar XLT 2.0 even trade for my 05 switch. Alot of people do not like the 06 colours, i got mine in olive green ano/black and it is stunning I brought the bike home, in the box and assembled it myself, as per my request. The shop owner is a friend and I ride with him and he's the one who wanted my switch, and i wanted an all mountain rig anyway.
Anyway here she is, but still need some fine tuning to do and of course, remove reflectors.


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I like the color, but not the interruption of the black Jamis band on the downtube. When I first saw the '06 catalog, I was really put off by the paint schemes. I almost went Jamis when I 'upgraded' to FS (have a Jamis HT), but ended up building up an Iron Horse MKIII. Similar olive green. Enjoy the bike.
Sharp looking rig!

That is a very nice bike Denis! I hope it handles as well as it looks. Ride in good health, bro.

Nice Bike!
Have some fun with it and give action shots soon!
I like the color and scheme. It's sort of old school industrial style.

You will have to post picts and report.
I too actually like the bike, I think the colour scheme is quite good, as Coldy mentions, industrial in a good way. It is a very cool olive green actually............

Enjoy the new steed... :thumbsup:
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