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Finished my 16th race of the year at Neshimeny, PA...this is the location of my first ever MTB race...I started here 2 years ago and one race later broke my colar bone in the DH...that ended my first season...

This past weekends race was lots of fun lots, & lots of and flowing, absolutely perfect on the SS...tons of tree climbs like the ones in the pictures...had a really steep short down hill swithback...very cool...had danger signs and lots of marshall prior to warn everyone to keep spacing in case someone went down you wouldn't crash over top of them...blasted through it and had a ball...finished 8th in SS Sport Open..the gap was real close between all of us...there were 22 that started in SS and we had 4 DNF's...the gap to first was just over 5 minutes...1st was 1:28 I finished in usual it was in the mid 80's and muggy...threatened rain, but only thunder a couple times and it blew by without dumping, just made it that much more humid though...

You can check out the rest of the pictures via my blog site link to my flickr....
Sounded like Lake Sonoma was a scoorcher too..


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