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Ride da mOOn
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WOW... lots a rides in the title!:D

So when is the last time you got to ride after an Earthquake and Hurricane all in the same month?... NEVER!...'s your chance, meet at main gate at 6 PM ride leaves shortly there after, it gets dark earlier so lets get riding ASAP. Might wanna bring your lights. Just need the lights for the end of the ride, usually the end of the ride it's dark in the woods getting out. Not to fear for those who don't have lights we still lots of ride time.

Just a tip for non lighted riders:
If your going to continue to ride on Wednesdays or any other night, you'll wanna grab a lightning system. It really is fun to extend your riding time and dark riding is a whole different experience in itself. Lots of fun!

Trails are covered with "Irena Salad" and if you like bring your favorite dressing!

Ride da mOOn again!:cornut:

Just a few thanks, to the guy I helped with cutting trees off Chase road the other day hope to see ya at da mOOn, and to those who commented to me about how great riding the mOOn is, it really is a super fun time and it just keeps getting better!:thumbsup:

Ride da Salad... LOL:lol:
Remember "man" was the first animal to "cook" food


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