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NEPA guys --- tire input, please?

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Hey guys,

I know this isn't technically the right forum for 29er tires (got the 29er forum & the wheels/tire forum for that) :p

I'm down to 3 tire choices, but would like an opinon from the local folks that ride some of the trails I have ridden and new ones I intend to ride.

Obviously, this isn't an all inclusive list --- but some of the places I'm going to be riding: Jim Thorpe area, Mtn Top area, Camelback, Lackawanna/Moosic, Moon Lake, and so forth. Of course, I'll take trips elsewhere and into other states from time to time. ;)

So what am I looking at? In 29'er flavor: Schwalbe Nobby Nic, Maxxis Ignitor, and Geax Gato TNT. The NN and Ignitor are a little more money (not by much) and the Ignitor is a little lighter. All 3 tires have the usual marketing hyped "extra protection" compared to normal tires. I know tires won't last forever, but I'd like to try to get a reasonable compromise to start off. It's tough enough building a bike a'la carte (cost wise) and I don't want to rile my wife up by saying "gee, these tires are terrible" :eekster:

Any locals that are able to drop any input on these tires? I'm not averse to looking at something else ... but so far, these appear to be the closest thing to compromise.

Thanks in advance!

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I actually run a Panaracer Rampage in the front and a Geax AKA TNT in the rear. I'm tubeless. I have the same set up on my 26" and 29". Both sidewalls have held up great with the rocks! Hope this helps....
Ive been running the shwalbe racing Ralphs best all around tire I've tried yet.
The Ignitor EXO would be a reasonably durable tire, and nicely fast rolling, but I think it's a little "thin" for making happy with the rocks around here. When I lived some-place dryer I rolled a Crossmark on the back and Ignitor on the front and it was a silly-fast combination IMO. Here, I like more traction than those for the moist region that we have.
I like the Kenda Karma's on my 29'r, weight is a priority when I'm thinking 29'r tire choice, rotational weight. plus my wheelset is not the lightest. and they are on the cheaper side. have held up well in NEPA land.
Hmmm. Interesting range of responses. :cool:

Bear ... when you say 'thin' are you referring to the lack of real tread depth? Or the casing itself. The Ignitor I was looking at has the EXO casing ... but I wondered about the tread itself for multiple conditions. Sounds like my thoughts were pretty close to what you just said.

Wyatt ... I'll have to study the Ralph's closer. I know Schwalbe did some updates for 2011, which is what made me look at the Nobby Nic tire in the first place.

Mt Pul .... I'll take a look at the Karma. Know nothing about it. Wheel wise, I'm going to run DT240 hubs with Mavic 719 rims. Spokes are straight gauge :( but I believe they are alum nipples. Don't have a scale accurate enough to weigh them yet.

Anyone have thoughts on that Geax tire I mentioned? Prices look good for the TNT version ......

Can't wait to go riding here and maybe meet some new folks !
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TrailBound29er said:
Bear ... when you say 'thin' are you referring to the lack of real tread depth? Or the casing itself. The Ignitor I was looking at has the EXO casing ... but I wondered about the tread itself for multiple conditions. Sounds like my thoughts were pretty close to what you just said.
My idea of a proper sized XC tire is a true 2.2 or 2.3" tire - the Ignitor is a small-casing 2.1" tire with moderate knobs. Not weenie-knobs like the WTB 2.55LT and not deep knobs like the WTB Nevegal or Panaracer Rampage but somewhere in between.

I suspect that some more race-oriented people really like them for the light weight and fast rolling, but as an all-around tire I think they leave a little to want for.

My 29er has a Nevegal 2.2 on the back and an Ardent 2.4 on the front, but it's a rigid bike so the extra tire volume is important to me, my wrists, and my neck. ;^)
I keep 2.3 WTB Exiwolfs on my 29ers this time of year and for the summer I use Kenda Small Block 8s
Huh. Wouldn't have thought that SB8s would have been good for the terrain we have here. That one might be a tough suggestion to follow. :smilewinkgrin:
Panaracer Rampage on the back, Nevegal on the front, had another Rampage on the front but a sharp edged rock at the Moon took care of that.
The Nevegal has much better grip on the wet rocks and roots, very happy with it.
I look for grip especially in the front, not really concerned about the rolling weight, or that of the tire.:D
Joe, the Maxxis Ignitor is a great tire, but the sidewalls will fail before the tread does. In my opinion, the best 29er tire for this area is the Panaracer Rampage. The sidewalls hold up better than the tires mentioned on this thread. WTB makes great tires, but they skimp on the sidewall thickness to save weight. With all of the rocks that we have the sidewalls take a beating. The Panaracer's are also pretty light and the 2.35 size is great for the trails here. I've been using the Rampage for the past 4 years and would not use another tire.
I'll take a look at the Rampage then. I was commenting to a friend (who is also on MTBR) how the terrain varies as much as it does in a relatively small area, which I thought was making the tire choice difficult.

I assumed the Ignitor had a good sidewall with the "exo" package.

Man, I'm glad I asked here on this particular forum for some input. Can't wait to get the show on the road with this new bike ($$$$) and meet some of you folks.

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Gotta say tho .... Panaracer's site is terrible. No info at all on the tire, other than the fact that the 26 inch tire has the fancy tread compound and the snake bite protection. No such love for the 29 tire (according to the website).

I'll keep googling up info on it.
:arf: :ciappa:

You have to put it TOGETHER before you NEED tires...
Why yes ... I believe you are correct.

But I'm pretty sure it would make sense to order the tires while I'm ordering the remainder of the parts I need to assemble the falootin' thing.

This is no different than how I research parts for my Jeep. If you didn't notice, the bike went together faster than the jeep. :incazzato:
Ordered the Rampage tires per the suggestions I was getting. The price I found certainly didn't hurt either. :D

I'll probably have it "up & running" after the weekend of the 19th/20th. Full bike assembly/weight report with pics will be posted on the 29er forum for anyone that cares or is curious. :cool:

I may look into some lighter tires if I decide to try a race or 3 later in the season (summer).

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You'll be happy with the Rampages. I swore by them for a few years. Great grip, rugged, not too heavy.

I switched to Mountain Kings for the snow but only got one ride in before the big storms hit. They should be good for wet spring/fall.

If if gets dry, I like the Ignitors in the rear. I am thinking of trying two ignitors this year but am afraid I will miss the grip of the Rampage up front.

I have had the same side wall luck with ignitors and rampage. Lots of people like the nevegals, but I had a lot of flats with them.
Yup ... thanks to everyone for their input. Except BulletBoy. :D

I'm going to look for some less aggressive tires soon ... but will probably do that locally. My wife likes a lot of the rail trails (Lehigh Gorge, Black Diamond Trail, D&H trail, and so forth) and we're planning another trip to Manhattan to circumnavigate the island again. For years, I've been using a set of "inverted" tires similar to the old Avocets. Anyone remember those or am I showing my age? :)

This for sale after yesterday? :p
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