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Needopinions on a couple of bikes

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I am looking at getting a new FS bike. How does the Prophet 1000 compare to the Specialized Enduro or Stumpjumper? All three of the bikes are about the same as far as cost. I can get an 05 Prophet 1000 for $2,000 or get an 06 Enduro or Stumpjumper for about the same price. I will be using the bike for riding cross country and downhill. I am not looking for a bike to do big drops. I want a bike that will climb as well.

I noticed that the Stumpjumper has the front and rear lockout. The Prophet has the SPV valving in the front and the rear. The Enduro doesn't seem to have either.

Thanks in advance for the info.

This is a great site and I have learned a lot already.
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