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need to see some SIR 1x9 set ups

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specifically, do you need a chain guide and what kind do you guys use? I also could use a few pics of the rear derailer cable routing.
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I ran my SIR 1x9 with no front chain keeper. I used a short rear mech cage (medium pictured), kept the chain as tight as possible, and most importantly kept the chain line good.

Some will say you need a chain keeper, I will say you don't. In the two years of running this set-up I never lost the chain once, and that was over steps, small drops, woodsy successive roots etc

I still run a 1x9 on my current Paradox HT and use the exactly the same set-up without problem. Note the chain tension on the Paradox pic


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I really like the Rohloff chain guide.

I've had horrible luck without a guide. Works fine with a new chain, but 100miles in, and it starts to fall off both sides for me. Had this issue on every frame I've run 1x9.

If you want to go ghetto, just put on a front der and use it as a guide.
I run a Saint plastic bashguard on the outside and a N-Gear jumpstop on the inside. Crankset is XTR 970, rear derailleur is an X.O short cage. I have not dropped my chain in a season of training and racing on some seriously technical courses.
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