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Need to choose between three bikes

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Hi everyone, I am looking at getting into mountain biking and need advice in buying my first decent bike. Looking at doing some fairly rough terrain with roots/rocks(adventure racing), but need something for around town also. Here are the contenders.

2008 Norco Wolverine-$475
2009 Specialized p1 All Mountain-$600
2009 Norco Storm-$750
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describe 'fairly rough' a little bit more clearly if you can. Even the smoothest xc trails contain rocks and roots. The wolverine and specialized p1 look a bit too sturdy/ heavy if you are doing xc racing and commuting. The storm looks like a better choice, also maybe look at the specialized hardrock instead of the p1.
Nothing special as far as rough trails go. Heres an example

I did see the 2008 hardrock sports at the bike shop going for $300. I guess I just figured they didnt compare to the others because of the price difference.
looks like a fun trail!
For $300 that hardrock seems like a good deal, specialized lists the 2009 retail value as $500. If you want to get a higher end specialized bike look at the rockhopper, which should be more in $700 range. The rockhopper is a great bike with parts that you won't outgrow quickly as your skill progresses.
There is a '09 Specialized Rock Hopper Comp Disc for $725. Would that be a better deal than the Norco Storm at $750?
I would definitely go rock hopper for a rooty trail like that. The hardrock will be too bouncy and you'll feel like you're going to die.
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