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need suggestions for SF MTB rental and singletrack

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Hi all-

I'll be in SF for a conference later this month and have a free Wednesday and would really like to get in a nice singletrack ride.

I've read thru the "Visitors - Local Riding Advice" thread - not much activity lately. Anything new that anyone would like to add?

My plan is to rent a bike in town and ride to the trailhead. I won't have a rental car, so pretty much relying on mass transit and pedal power (will be staying near the Moscone Center).

Can anyone suggest a bike shop that would rent a decent full-suspension bike for a reasonable price? I'll bring my own pedals/shoes. Thinking about using "Blazing Saddles" based on visitor thread.

I live/ride near Boulder, CO and am comfortable with significant climbing, but would prefer to spend my time on the trail rather than riding to/from the trailhead.

Appreciate all of your suggestions.

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Since its on a wednesday, I would recommend hopping on Caltrain (commuter rail) south to Belmont, and hookup with the Passion Trail Bikes shop ride. You can probably get a demo bike from them as well, and a guided tour of some singletrack, and an awesome post-ride party with great people. The park that they ride is pretty small, but has a nice network of trails.

Riding from the city will yield beautiful fire roads by crossing the bridge, but not much in terms of technical singletrack. You might get some singletrack if you can find a guide around the limited singletrack within the City itself. Several people from SF ride Skeggs on wednesday evenings also, and that might be worth exploring, but that might be more complicated.

If you ride road, and insist on riding from the city, then I would probably recommend a road bike instead.
Passion Trail Bikes is your ticket! A rental will be a bit on the expensive side for just a quick after work ride. So try to hook up with someone and get in a longer ride.

Take Caltrain down to Belmont, station is on 4th and King.

Celia Graterol is a MTB goddess and will show you an INCREDIBLE time. She'll hook you up with all the high-quality equipment you'll need, pick you up, take you to the trails, etc. IMHO she's the best local MTB tour guide/coach; a lot of people call her the "Kevin Bacon of the Marin Mountain Biking Community." She's super nice and funny; great company on the trail.

And no, I don't make any money by recommending her; I've just attended many of her clinics/group rides and have always found them worthwhile! :thumbsup:

I've also heard the Passion Trail Bikes people are great; I haven't met any yet but hopefully I'll get down there someday.
baycat said:
Passion Trail Bikes is your ticket! A rental will be a bit on the expensive side for just a quick after work ride. So try to hook up with someone and get in a longer ride.

Take Caltrain down to Belmont, station is on 4th and King.
If you want to do it this way, drop me a PM, I head to Passion Trails every Wednesday on the CalTrain. I grab the 5:14 train at the 4th and King station, get off at Hillsdale which is about a mile from the shop.

I either train home, or my wife comes and picks me up.
If your entire Wednesday is free, ride over golden gate and head up to Marin Headland.

Is mostly fireroad, with bits of qusai-singletrack looking things here and there. If you dont have a car, and not that adventurous to take the train down to belmont late afternoon/early evening, I think Marin Headland will be your ticket. Is actually surreal when the fog just glide right pass you at gold gate bridge and some portion of the Marin Headland loop.

For blazing saddle, make sure to call-in a day or more in advance to reserve a nice full suspension bike. The stuffs they have at the shop if you just walk in are all very very low end stuffs.

Thanks for all the responses - much appreciated.

The Wednesday night "Passion Trail Bikes" ride sounds like a great time, but I need to be back in SF for an evening event (probably less fun than the after-ride party).

I checked into a guided ride and that sounds like a great (albeit $pricey) option.

I may wind up renting a car and driving up to Fairfax and getting a demo bike from Sunshine Bicycles and riding Tamarancho for morning ride.
Just ride out of the City...make a day of it

Not sure on the rental part...but...just ride the whole day.

Ride across the GG Bridge
Up Headlands
At the fork, enter trailhead
Down Coastal
Cross road, enter immediate parking lot on right
Pick up trailhead on left at end of lot - cross baby bridge
Left at Bobcat fork
Right at Miwok
Up Miwok
Left at Old Springs, down (almost singletrack, fun though)
Left down to the Tennessee Valley beach
Up Coastal
Up Coyote Ridge Trail
Right at Miwok
Miwok down (fun)
Stables, again
Left up Marincello
Down Bobact (boring)
Cross road
Up Coastal
Down Headlands
Cross GG BRidge
Prolly 25 miles and less than 4000 vertical - 3 hours with breaks.
Its a good long loop without the need for a car
Not a lot of singletrack, but you aint using a car either.

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Regardless of where you ride...

Eat at Thirsty Bear!! It is an easy walk from where you are at.

They have good beer and great tapas.

+1 on the car to tamarancho.

Marin headlands is beautiful scenery, but weak on the fun factor. Tamarancho will be fun, and you can do an extended loop out of the camp if you find a map or guide.

You could ferry over from SF and ride to tamarancho, but finding a decent mtb in SF to bring would prob more of a pain than a car rental and getting a bike in Marin.

Have Fun!
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