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Need some weights

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Instead of listing everything on my bike and asking you guys to help me lighten it up i'll name the heaviest areas where I think I can lose the most weight and ask you guys if you know what they supposedly weigh now (between school and two jobs no time to buy/find a decent scale to weigh them myself) and what are some good suggestions. (I weigh around 200lbs)

Fork...'01 Judy oem
wheels...Vuelta airlines xrp lite (off ebay..had to dive into discs because of new disc only frame and this is all i had money for at the time)...CLAIMED 2200g.
Ritchey stem
Ritchey seatpost
tioga xc tires (ride in southeast...loose dirt/pinestraw/fire roads)
Fisik Nisene saddle

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You didn't mention a budget!

Have you considered a ridgid fork?
Pace RC-31 £170UK (645g)
most suspension forks will be 1Kg heavier and more expensive.

at 1765g and cheap
XT disc hubs / DT revolution spokes / Mavic 717 rims

with a higher budget and bearing in mind your weight
Chris king ISO disc hubs / Sapim CX-Ray spokes (could save some $ with DT rev) / Stans Z355 rims (could save $ with Mavic 717 rims) - likely 1,500g

Syntace F99 stem $68 and aprox 100g

USE Alien Carbon seatpost 170g inc shim - likely >100g saving over most stock posts.

For fire road and dirt track
Continental Twister Supersonic 1.9s (your Tioga's are 1.95 right?)
should save you 0.5Kg

While you are considering changing your tyres, get yourself a lightweight set of inner tubes - their are tubes out their that weigh 85g each 1.5 - 1.75 size Maxxiss Flyweight I currently use in my Conti Twister Supersonics 1.9s.

Titec foam grips are very cheap and could cave you 100g over your current grips.

Changing your cassette to a Dura Ace 11-23 will save you 150g. Additional savings from running a shorter chain too! DA is both cheaper and lighter than XTR.

Sella Italia SLR saddle claimed 135g (likely to weight 145g)
likely savings 175g

Roughly guessing - and assuming you chose the XT wheels (cheaper), you could expect to save 1.3Kg off your bike weight (just looking at the areas you highlighted yourself)

check out the bikes listed on the ww website for ideas
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