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Going to my LBS in about 10minutes

He has a 2003 VT-2 for $1250 brand new (16.5'' and 18.5'')

my question is before I buy this bike

Will it be OK for riding on roads ~3-4 miles to get to the trail? How would it compare to a hardtail on the roads?

I'm 5'11 155lbs so I may go with the 16.5''

I originally was going to get a Hardtail Stumperjumper 2004 for $999 but for $250 I can get a Full Suspension and being from New England I need this!


Thanks guys

Also, are Giant frames warrantied for life?

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You can ride the VT anywhere..I often ride on the road with mine, knobby tires included..:)

The frames are guaranteed by giant for life.

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