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Need some opinions.

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I have a 05 R MSwitch S1, with triple8 and the rest pretty much stock. I have been offered a trade plus he gives me 500 cash and his 04 Norco Six which seems in mint shape( seen pics and close up pics but havent looked at it yet as he is in kelowna).
His bike has had a few upgrades, like a Manipoo Travis SC fork, and a few other little items.
I'm considering it because my switch is great, but at times too much bike when i ride with my wife on the XC trails.
Does anyone ahve a Norco Six or can tell me if the trade is worth it or should I just say forget it?
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I'm not sure if the trade is a good idea but 888 sems like a lot of fork for a switch. A guy in my old club rides a Switch with a single crown as a trail bike and can still ride the bigger stuff. With the 170mm 66 Rocky lists the geometry as head angle 67, seat angle 72. Go to a 150mm fork and it would be pretty close to 68/73 which are pretty good all round numbers.
the original fork was 170mm... this one is only an inch more which yes it does make a difference but not when im sitting on the bike lol
I'm 240 pounds so the extra inch kind of makes it nice that way.
I was thinking of getting a travis but im not a manitou guy at all... maybe the 66 is the way to go. but i love the stability of a DC fork though.
Wanna show us the pics of the Six? I'd say probably not, but lets see the Six first.
Hardtails Are Better said:
Wanna show us the pics of the Six? I'd say probably not, but lets see the Six first.
I'm actually having a hardtime posting pics on here the past little while but I will post the link to the bike.
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