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I have a 06 big hit that i want to put a Rock Shox Domain 180mm fork on. Here is the problem my current set up on my front rim is a Bolt On Axle... Barfy i know i hate it to death. The Domain is a Maxle and i was wondering should i just get a new 20mm thru axle hub and lace re-lace the rim, if so how dificult is that? Or should i just get a new wheelset? Then i have to ask how hard is it to mount the rear cassete derailer etc to the hub? I dont know a lot about building a bike only basic maintnance...... I could always take it to the LBS but i want to learn this stuff.



PS. if there is anwhere online that diagrams this kind of stuff please link me. i googled but could not find it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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