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im kinda new on mtb and im a rlly good racer for some1 my age
im 15yrs old 5foot 7in. and 130lbs
im looking for a bike and trying to see if i might be able to just fix up to 1 i have..
right now i race on a Canondale F-600 think its an 2004 maybe a lil' older
we got it at a pawn shop for $400 it has a head shock
im better at racing than at the whole picking out bikes and fixing them.
the canondale has about an inch or less of clearence when i stand over it... so any thought or hints would be much helpful!

Fat Man on a Little Bike
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I'm Devans Dad

Here is what we are really looking at. Devan ran pretty good last year on the Cannondale. We were talking about maybe getting an upgraded bike for him this year. thing is I still dont have money for a true 'race quality' bike.

There is an LBS out here that has a team he wants to join. They sell Felt as well as a few other brands (Nine, Marrick, Giant, Haro, Independant, and I think maybe a couple others...). They were talking to us about a Felt nine comp. it would be about $1200. That is in the range I was looking to spend. Since Devan is 15 and weighs 130 some people on the 29" board thought he might be a little light to benifit from the 29" tires. That he might bouce a little too much...and some suggested that the F600 is a decent bike and we would be better off upgrading it a little and ridding it one more year.

My concern is that he only has about 1" of clearance on it...of course this is more then he had last year, but we plan to race more this year then last. Overall the Bike is in good shape...would need a solid tune up of course.

Do you think that he would be better off with riding it as is. Upgrading some parts and riding it, and purchasing a higher end bike next year...or moving away from the f600 and getting something like a nice comp or something similar (1,500 would be MAX budget).

Thanks for all the help.
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