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Hey guys im new to this and did not know if there was a differant place to post this.
I use to race motocross enjoyed everyminute of it. Then a knee injury came and resulted in surgery. I sold my bike because of the surgery and i needed to go t college.
While i raced MX i rode MTB's to stay in shape. I use to ride a trek 4300 disc. I sold that because of my knee injury and i could not ride for over a year and a half.

Now im here fully healed as a college student trying to get back into it and race some. Been working out trying to get the core back to the strength it was or even better. And get my cardio back.

So to make a long story short can someone help me get a bike and back into it. Like i said im a college kid so my income is low and I believe im riding a 17in frame . im only 5'7 160 lb with a muscular build. Im from ohio, i ride dirt trail with root. And tehre is small amount of rocks not many. I will also be riding a indoor MTB park
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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