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Need some coaxing…Asta Expert X9

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So, I’m inches away from making a purchase and I guess I just need some reassurance that I’m going to be buying the right bike. Until a couple of days ago I thought I had my mind made up, then I really started looking at what Ibex could provide me with less money in the end. I’ve looked a several bikes over the past few weeks and finally have it narrowed down to just 2 bikes. Those that were ruled out were: Kona,, and Giant Trance 3-2. My price limit is $1500 – Tops. Anyway, the bikes I’m now looking at are: Asta Expert X9 or the Specialized FSR XC Comp, both are identical in pricing at $1400 (the Asta may be less in the end as I don’t think tax is charged – someone can correct me on this if I’m wrong).

My history of bikes is this. Right now I have a 93/94 “Rockhopper Ultra” w/ no suspension so this will be my first bike with any suspension. I have gotten along ok with this bike and have ridden trails that most would think I’m crazy on for not having a full suspension bike so I am looking forward to this new found freedom. :) I’m not an extreme mtbiker, but I do like rough terrain every now and then. No 3 foot drops or anything but possible 1-2 on occasion. I am 140 lbs. 5’7” and assume I would need the 16” Asta. My rides consist of maybe 50/50 mountian/road. I love to ride trails, but I expect that I’ll be riding a share of our local bike trail with my wife as well (until I can convince her that dirt is where it’s at.) :)

Maybe I’m reading more into this than needs to be, but the idea of buying a bike sight unseen online was the last thing on my list to do. So for some reassurance I have a few questions that may help me out.

1) Is there any reason I shouldn’t go with the Asta? My local shop that sells specialized allows for unlimited lifetime tune-up’s for the purchase of a bike. The shop is great and gets great marks all around. Now, I’m not saying I want to be tied down to a bike shop for the duration of my life, but nonetheless it is a nice incentive. I have no doubt that I could learn to work on it. I’m pretty technical in nature so learning to work on a bike would be completely possible in that sense.

2) Pedal bob – how is it with the Asta? I’ve seen the specialized in person and it seems ok. Is the lockout with the asta pretty good. If I'm going to be riding pavement at all I want to make sure that this lockout will be sufficient.

3) SRAM vs. Shimano – I’ve never ridden a bike with SRAM components before. My current bike has STX and Alivio on it and I’ve done alright with it. From what I’ve heard here and from others is that SRAM will feel and work great. Should I have any problems adjusting, etc.

4) I assume I would need the 16” Asta does this sound about right?

So go ahead and gimme’ your thoughts. Like I said, the Asta has a nice mix of components and that’s what is keeping me coming back to it. Not only that but I’ve always been fond of products that have such a devote following. It really shows that the product is built solid, and customers are happy.

Thanks all, Sorry this is so long-winded and I look forward to hearing any comments.

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With all due respect to your LBS, those lifetime tune ups come at a price. I've opted for the Ibex line because most of those tune ups are things I can handle and I feel that in the end I get more bike for the money. In my searching I've found that there is roughly a 30% markup on LBS products. When you spend $1500 on a bike that adds up to enough to build your own tool collection AND get upgraded components.
I've also spoken to my LBS about the Ibex line. They have an interesting perspective which is that I'll still be a loyal customer if they treat me well and yet they don't have to perform any warranty work on my bike. Anyone in the auto or bike world knows how costly warranty work can become. They also mentioned that they are very impressed with what they've seen of the Ibex line and that they figure I'll spend more money on tools and riding gear with them :)
Very true, the lifetime tune ups wouldn't be a "deal maker" for me as I'd much rather learn how to do it anyway. Just thought it was interesting that they did that. And yes, I would probably be spending more money there on other stuff so that makes sense. Am I correct in assuming that the 16" model would work out for the size I would need? I've read all about there sizing, etc and I think it is the right size.

Anyone else here about my size that would be able to chime in. I think that is my biggest concern is getting the size that would fit me best.

delta said:
3) SRAM vs. Shimano - I've never ridden a bike with SRAM components before. My current bike has STX and Alivio on it and I've done alright with it. From what I've heard here and from others is that SRAM will feel and work great. Should I have any problems adjusting, etc.

4) I assume I would need the 16" Asta does this sound about right?
Hi Gary,

Welcome to the IBEX board :drumroll:

I'll take questions 3 and 4..

3)..The 07' SRAM X9 are all new for 07' and were taken from the blue prints of the
race proven 06' XO rear derailleur trigger shifters and the X-gen front derailleur..
Here's a quick read and a video:
(CLICK>) The difference between Shimano and SRAM actuation ratios

The learning curve from Shimano to SRAM shifters is usually one good ride..

4)..On sizing thing I'm assuming you've checked the geometry chart> (Asta E-X9) ..
If your still unsure I suggest you email> [email protected] or call 1-888-741-1464..

Get a bike and ride :cornut:

Jake :ihih:
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Well I just ordered it. I think this is going to be an awesome bike so I wasn't going to dilly dally on this or that and just pressed the buy button. :D I'll post some shots of it when I get it...hopefully it won't be too long! I can't wait.
deltaf508 said:
Well I just ordered it. I think this is going to be an awesome bike so I wasn't going to dilly dally on this or that and just pressed the buy button. :D I'll post some shots of it when I get it...hopefully it won't be too long! I can't wait.
Your gonna be pleasantly surprised when open up that magic box..No not that one, the one from IBEX..:lol:

Congratulations bro :thumbsup:

Jake :ihih:
Thanks...I'm sure I will. :thumbsup:

Good choice, I was hesitant to order one without riding it and seeing it in person - three weeks in and the bike is awesome, no complaints and a great value for the money.

Enjoy and lets here some ride reports.
I must've had my X9 in the shopping cart for 2 weeks before I finally pulled the trigger. I am 100% happy with my purchase. I did experience a little buyer's remorse, but that's before the bike got here. Once I opened the box and put the bike together, it went away and I've been happy ever since. Happy enough that next spring I'm buying Ibex bikes for my girlfriend and son.
Seems like a lot of people are ordering Asta's... but for a good reason too :]
Gary - The 16" will be right on the money...I'm 5'6" and the 16" fits me perfectly.
Great choice...


I too had doubts about buying a bike on line. I looked at about 10 different models locally and nothing really stood out, (and these were in the price range of about $2k). I thought I would take a chance on the Asta Expert - I've never looked back. The more I ride this bike, the better I like it. This was my first FS, and it has really helped me improve my riding and over all confidence.

Not only is the bike great, but I've also had great experience with the Ibex customer service.

OP, What type of trials do you ride and what are the typical conditions? If they are anything like Northern California trails, I would suggest that you change the tires as a first modification to the bike.

You need maximum grip here in N. Cal and generally need some good knobs on the sidewalls.
Thanks all for the positive comments. I'm looking forward to recieving the bike and yes, It does help to hear that I didn't make a bad choice. I've always been one to read others comments and reviews over brand recognition anyway. Ibex surely would not be in business if it was not for all the happy customers.

Can't wait until this thing gets here and I have a feeling that I'll be buying another bike for my wife in the near future with the Ibex name on it.:thumbsup:

As for what kinds of trails I ride. A little mix of everything really. I live in Colorado and we really do have many diverse trails here. Rock, dirt, pavement, singletrack, you name it. I have a feeling for the type of riding I will start out doing on this bike the tires will be just fine. Will definately be posting some pics when this thing arives.

Thanks for all the valuable feedback. It didn't go unnoticed and I feel confident that I made the right decision. :thumbsup:


Yo Gary,

Has it shipped and have you got an ETA??

Jake :ihih:


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Nope not yet. I ordered it Friday at about 3:00 Mountain time. That would mean they were probably done shipping for the day in Georgia. I'm hoping it goes out on Monday or Tuesday & with a holiday week I'm not sure how that will effect me getting it this week....could be the monday after. I'll give an ETA when I have it. :)
Man am I glad that pressed buy when I did. :p As it turns out I came in to work this morning and saw the forum post that someone was trying to buy an X7 or an X9 and they were all sold out. My heart skipped a beat thinking that mine might not have made it through so I called them up (Ibex is now in my speed dial :thumbsup: ) and sure enough I had bought the 2nd to last 16" Asta :eek:

So with my renewed confidence I awaited my shipping info and am now delighted to say that my Asta should be here by Friday. :thumbsup:

Yipee! I can't wait...:band:
Good job Deltaf508, I seen the post you were talking about-you lucked out!!! I am sure you wont regret it. I bought the X9 about a month ago, I had a really hard time pulling the trigger on it but I did and have no regrets. Being a newbie from a Trek hardtail, I can not imagine this bike being any better. It was fairly easy to assemble and I really didn't have to fiddle with adjusments it was all pretty close.

You will need to keep us informed

Fedex tried to deliver my package this morning at 8:06 I'm at work until 4. I was hoping that A) they'd deliver later today. or B) I'd be able to pick it up somewhere after I get off.

I called the fedex ground number and talked to them and the said the drivers don't come back until next morning and that I would have to wait until next business day (Monday) to get it attempted again (so I put a temporary hold on it saying I'd come pick it up at the station on monday).

But I want it before that! Is there any way to send a dispatch out to a truck and have it diverted to a diferent location. the lady on the phone said it wasn't possible, but I have a hard time beleiving that. And what kind of Fedex driver wouldn't jump at the first chance of getting rid of one of his BIGGEST packages in the truck!

Can anyone help. I'm trying to find the local phone number of the Fedex shipping station in Fort collins, CO 80524 so I can see if I can at least get over there tomorrow if possible.

ANY help is appreciated. I'm itching to get this Bike!


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All that worry for nothing. FedEx called me (That is something I never thought would happen). They said I can come down tonight and get it. I'm stoked to say the least. Will post pictures sometime this weekend. :thumbsup:


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