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Need some Advice

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So here is the situation...
I currently own a old school 1994 Cannondale m400 with Rock Shox Mag 20's. So to say the least it is outdated. So what I am faced with is do I put some money into this one and replace the forks, go to front disc brakes, and get it running good? Or do I buy another bike? We are planning a wedding, so if I come home with a 1200.00 bike, well I might not be planning a wedding anymore. lol
I am really leaning towards putting $300.00 into it but I need some reinforcement so I don't feel like I am polishing a turd.
Also, riding style is mainly some single track here in western Pennsylvania.

Thanks for the help!
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The steerer tube size and headset type might be a factor. You may need a new headset and stem as well. You'll need to upgrade the front brakes too since modern forks no longer have a housing stop on the brace. It's usually not worth upgrading a bike that old.
New bike . By the time you finish buying parts for the old one you will have paid most of the cost of a new one . Your Cannondale is a good bike , it just dosent accomodate current suspension or brakes .
Front disc, rear V-Brake...Ghetto.

I would either leave the bike as is or go new. If the fork is toast, you could get a rigid fork, would cost you like 60 dollars depending on the fork.

If you can see yourself parting with it, or keeping it as a second bike I would go get yourself a new bike. If you know your fit pretty well you could even look online for the best deal. You never know you could find a wonderful deal in a store, so go check them out. Just dont go to walmart, target, K Mart, or any similar box stores.
Invite fewer guests to the wedding from her side or scrap the honeymoon trip and get a new bike ;) (kidding!)

IMHO- ride the old bike(maybe get some new tires if they are cracking from 1994)
and consider the purchase after the wedding beacause:

1) You dont want to add to the wedding planning stress.
2) There will always be bikes on sale.
3) She will likely be more agreeable with your purchase AFTER the wedding- " A happy wife is a happy life" :)
Dremer03 said:
Front disc, rear V-Brake...Ghetto.
Well if by "Ghetto" you mean it can work very well, then I guess it's ghetto. The best way to go about a disc/V mix, is to use a mechanical disc (preferably BB7) and AVID speed dial 7 levers. This way you can adjust the levers to get a similar feel between the 2 brakes. Unless you've already upgraded the brakes, you probably don't have V's on that bike anyway (you probably have Canti's), so if you get a disc up front, I would suggest getting a new V for the back.

As to what you should do, that's a little tougher. I suspect your bike may not have been designed with suspension in mind (the mag 20 was probably added to the bike later) so even going to an 80mm modern fork may be pushing the geometry of the bike too far. And if you have a 1" head tube (you may or may not), you're not going to find a decent affordable modern fork anyway. Plus, that was a fairly low-end bike to begin with, so you don't want to be putting too much coin into it.

If the current fork works, I would suggest (as someone else did) getting some good new tires. Getting the right tires for your riding conditions and riding style can make a huge difference in how your bike rides, and there are some outstanding tires available now. Upgrading your brake pads to Kool Stop pads is also an excellent inexpensive upgrade. Then start saving up for a new (or newer used) bike.
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Another vote for minimally fixing up your current ride. When you're better able to afford a new bike, it'll be nice to have that as a commuter, or a backup or whatever.

Get a fork with v-brake tabs. Either a suspension fork if you can find an old one the right head tube size or even a rigid. (Plenty of people rediscovering the fun of a non suspension bike.)
no, no, no. fark the fix-up. wait until after the wedding, skim some cash from your "gifts" and/or return a few of them to help fund a new bike purchase. once you marry her, she aint going anywhere so no worries if she gets a little pissed.
Hey everyone, thanks for all the replies!
After thinking about it last night and then getting on here and reading your opinions here is what I have in mind.
The Mag 20's are working fine, but I do have a set of Mag 21's lying around and as far as I can tell, don't leak. So I will change the fluid out in them and maybe change the inner seals.
Now the crown for the 21's is threadless so I am gonna switch to the A head set, well as long as it will fit. As for brakes, I have done some upgrades already. I have v brakes up front, canti's in the rear and I am still running Coda canti levers. So, I am looking at the Avid speed dial 7 levers and a single digit 7 v's. That should take care of my brake issues. Other than that, change out the cables, give it a good cleaning and lube. After that, ride it till I get some money to the side to pick up or build a XC full suspension rig.
I figure if anything, once I have a nice newer bike I can turn this into a hybrid and maybe use it as a commuter.
mnigro said:
no, no, no. fark the fix-up. wait until after the wedding, skim some cash from your "gifts" and/or return a few of them to help fund a new bike purchase. once you marry her, she aint going anywhere so no worries if she gets a little pissed.
LOL Well, here is the way I see it. She spends $30.00 a month going to the gym. That's $360.00 a year or $720.00 every two years. I keep my stuff for a while (I suppose this is obvious) so in just a a few years it will pay for itself!

Thanks again and Merry Christmas.
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