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Need some advice on the Evolve please..

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Hi all, I have an opportunity to buy a 2010 Ellsworth Evolve frame, medium in size.

Just wondering;

- Im 5:9, 180lbs, short(ish) legs compared to a long(ish) torso. Do you think the medium would suit me? Im selling my Air9 frame (small) as ive always felt hunched over the bike, even with a setback seatpost.

- Im swapping all my existing 29er parts over to the Evolve frame, but I believe i'll need a new front derailleur. Does anyone know what the size should be? (Im looking at a Shimano XT, but don't know which one to get) I can't see anything specific on the Ellsworth website.

- What size seatpost does this frame take?

- Lastly, is there any reason I should get a 2011 frame instead? I can get a killer deal on the 2010 frame, and from what I understand, it doesn't have a tapered HT so i wont need a bracket (or whatever it is) for my Fox F29 RLC fork.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for all the noob questions.

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Medium. Ells Run big. I am 5'7" & M was too big. I ride techy stuff tho.

27.2 seatpost I believe.

34.9 FD I believe

The only reason I would go for bigger HT is to get angle reducer headsets.
I am 5'10" with short legs and ride an Ells M. I demo'd small and felt that is was a bit of a toss up (the small felt a bit small, the M a bit big) but went with the M because the TT was closer to what I needed. I am happy with the decision...I think the small would have ended up making the cockpit a bit cramped with an over the front feel. Good luck, its a great bike.
Thanks for that guys, much appreciated.

rafdog - I know the feeling - Im tired of being hunched over a frame too!

I think the geometry of the evolve is such that a medium will suit me.


You will be stoked with the 2010 Frame. I really enjoy mine. I am 6FT and ride the Large. It fits well with 90mm or 100mm stem for me.

This bike is balanced with a fox 100mm fork. Also, the BB is high enough where you won't get a ton of pedal strikes!!

I wonder how the 2011 rides with what looks like longer rocker arms than the 2010, but in reality the 2010 is executed well and is a blast to ride!!!:thumbsup:
Thanks Jalea! Do you know if the 2010 frame is an SST.1?
2010 should be SST1. What color?
Thanks Jalea. I just got confirmation that the frame ive been trying to score is mine! :thumbsup:

I got the last medium-sized 2010 Evolve frame in Australia, comes in black. it'll actually suit the components I already have which are mostly black, blue and white (fox fork)

Apparently the 2010 frame doesn't have a tapered HT and my fork will go on just fine.

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