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I got back into riding last fall and purchased my first FS rig - a used Kona Dawg. Here are the wheels that came with the bike:

Front Wheel:

Woodman 36 hole hub (20mm)

Alex Rims DM-18

Geax Sturdy Kevlar 2.25

Rear Wheel:

Shimano FH-M525 32 hole

Alex Rims DM-18

Geax Sturdy Kevlar 2.1

The rear hub is bad and I'd like to get a whole new wheel as I understand the DM-18 is on the heavy side.

I'm a clyde, about 220 currently and losing weight quickly. I ride single-track with a lot of sharp and square edged rocks. Mostly do basic trail riding and avoid any significant drops. Have a goal of achieving a riding weight of 200 lbs. with gear.

I would like a recommendation for a good rear wheel. I've tried to read as much as possible but have to say I'm a bit overwhelmed with all of the choices.

I don't have a budget picked out but am certainly willing to spend a decent amount of money if necessary. My only requirement is that the rear hub be low maintenance and easy to maintain.

Thanks for any help.
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