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Need sizing help for felt frame

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Hey everyone, new member with a quick question. I'm looking into buying a 2008 Felt Redemption frame to build up and I need help deciding which size to get. I'm 6'4" and my weight is anywhere from 200 (summer) to 220 (holidays) and I don't know if the large or extra large is for me. Thanks in advance.
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XL is the one for you unless your inseam is crazy short!:D
I am a little over 6ft 180lbs and have a Virtue L which is a good fit. My inseam is 34.
I have a Virtue 2 (19.5" that's probably the large size), I'm 5' 10/11 and think that I could have gotten away with the 17.5 (Med) and been able to thrown it around a little more.
At 6' 4" it seems like you could go either way (XL or L), dependant on how much you want to sling it about.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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